Welcome to GSC HIRE. We are happy to see you in our office! Today, you will have an orientation step by step. First, you will learn everything online and passing the quizzes. Do not worry. It's not a lot. You will learn useful information about our company ( how the company works, our goals, and what we will have together). In the second step, our specialists from Accounting, Billing, Safety, Recruiting, ELD, and Dispatch departments will come to you and talk face-to-face to explain the whole information better. Plus, our courses and quizzes have a rank, and by these points, you will have prizes when you finish the whole online orientation. Please, if you have questions or you can not understand something, be free to ask us! We are working here to help you and provide quality service for our Drivers.

What you will learn?
Course Content

GSC Hire Story
ELD Driver Samsara Application
Accounting Department Orientation
Billing Department Orientation
Safety Department Orientation
Pre-trip Inspection
Set Up account with Clearinghouse
Download CamScanner
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Driver Orientation