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Welcome to GSC Transholding

At GSC each driver is part of our big family. We go the extra mile to ensure that everyone gets the support they need. Currently with over 210+ trucks, 200+ dedicated employees, a service center, we are an industry-leading trucking hub located in the midwest.

Orientation allows us to welcome you to a better trucking life at GSC Transholding LLC. But it’s about much more than that. Orientation is also about keeping you safe, along with everyone around you. That’s why we take a few days to ensure you’re confident and comfortable in the driver’s seat. And, we’re happy to pay you for your time!

Also, GSC Transholding is not only a transport company. It is a large holding company that includes: a transport company, an insurance agency, a brokerage company, a motorcycle shop, a printing Agency, and a sharp service. Our holding company is developing in different directions!

Welcome to GSC Transholding LLC

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